SBC Comedy: June 29!

Another huge night of comedy descends on Saccharomyces Beer Cafe on June 29!

We welcome back human hurricane, Dusty Rich, from shows in South Africa and the New Zealand Comedy festival. He'll be your MC for the evening, lucky you! 

Audience favourite Matt Ford is in town after a huge run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the brilliant Michael Connell (Melbourne) returns to the SBC stage. 

To add to that jet-setting lineup we've also got Sydney's Alex White, Oliver Scripps all the way from New Zealand, Canadian turned national treasure Jasmine Fairbairn and local darlings Grace Jarvis, Ryan Sim, Jack Gramenz, Jared Smith and Mick Tree.

Get in early for a beverage and a yarn before the show starts why don't you?

  • Just $10 Entry!
  • Show kicks off at 7pm
  • Last food orders at 6:45!

See you there pals!

Auditory Discourse presents SBC COMEDY!


A brand new night of stand-up from the best in Brisbane and beyond.

Happy New Year!

We're excited to let you know about our first project for 2016- SBC Comedy! That's right, we're launching a brand-spanking new monthly comedy night in the heart of Brisbane.
Starting on Thursday, January 28th at 7pm, we'll be kicking the season off with sets from comics new and seasoned alike.

Your host for the evening is the tremendous Lindsay Webb (currently celebrating his 18th year in the biz, so you're in safe hands). As well as Lindsay, we have sets from five brilliant comics including a special guest who you'll know from TV, print media and the world of podcasting!
Your $10 entry fee includes a delicious craft beer, so if for some reason you're not keen on laughing we have you covered.

We'd love to see you there on our first night- it's going to be a lot of fun!

Thursday, 28th January @ 7pm
Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, Fish Lane, South Brisbane

Starring Lindsay Webb, Aaron Gocs, A SECRET SPECIAL GUEST, Michelle Azevedo, Stephen Lehane Smith, Matt Ford and Joel Batham.

Kitchen open until just before the show starts- come in early for dinner!

$10 entry- your first beer is included!

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THE 2015 ANNUAL: AD Podcasts of the Year

TOP OF THE PODS: The Auditory Discourse team count down their favourite podcast episodes of 2015.

It wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a good old fashioned 'Best Of' list, and the team at Auditory Discourse are not ones to stray from tradition. We've each shared our top 10 moments in podcasting this year, which you can check out below (and don't forget to share yours in the comments).
It's been a huge year for this medium, with even US President Barack Obama jumping on board for his appearance on Marc Maron's WTF. Everyone seems to be getting on the podcast train, and we can promise bigger and better things from our camp in 2016 too. Enjoy your celebrations and we'll catch you next year!



10. The Dollop ep 105 'Spiderman of Denver'

Dave and Gareth check out the guy who lived within the walls of an old mansion in Denver. Yes people were living there, and no they did not know he was in the walls... Awesome stuff of nightmares right there!

9. The Osher Gunsberg Podcast ep 75 with Jesse Israel

Osher asks Jesse how he found himself discovering and managing a globally successful band (MGMT) and starting his own record label all while still in College. Jesse then gives it all up to become a disruptive start-up consultant and do heaps of not for profit work. A fascinating insight into an amazing person.

8. Probably Science ep 154 with Brooks Wheelan

Andy Wood, Matt Kirshen and Jesse Case welcome back one the the original hosts of Probably Science to talk about Brooks getting hired by, working on and his subsequent firing from Saturday Night Live. They also delve into his brief work on 'Girls', his terrible RHCP tattoo, Juggalos and tattoo removal. Brooks is always a great guest and back with the old team the chemistry is there and hilarity ensues.
*ep 158 with Caitlin Doughty from 'Ask a Mortician' fame is another fascinating listen.

7. The Little Dum Dum Club ep 239 with Bart Freebairn and Demi Lardner

The damn hilarious Litttle Dum Dum Club hits new levels of vulgarity and absurdity when Bart and Demi talk Yummy Karl, Demi's forthcoming Little Dum Dum Club tattoo and Bart enjoying the glory of the new McDonalds 'make your own' menu...

6. I Love Green Guide Letters LIVE at LA Podfest : Gareth Reynolds, Karl Woodberry and Nick Cody.

This is one of those moments captured in time that no-one can explain why or how it works, but it sure did! Steele lets go of any semblance of the control he once had while Karl fills everyone in about his upcoming midnight bus to Vegas, the Tinder date who is dropping him at the bus station and a bedroom incident with her dog. Gareth and Cody, while incredulous, still hit him with questions and the chaos that follows is glorious!
*ep185 with Ash Williams and Luis (From Lessons with Luis) is an insanely fun listen. The beginnings of the 'Dozen Eggs in a Show' are here along with all of Ash's upcoming 'business opportunities' and the Logie bet.

5. The Dollop ep 124 Live from the Sydney Comedy Store w/ Wil Anderson 'The Fine Cotton Scandal'

Dave and Gareth are joined by Wil for an in depth and hilarious examination of one of the biggest scandals to ever hit Australian Horse Racing. The ineptitude of the parties involved and the way it all panned out is beyond incredible and stupidly funny. The puns flow almost as freely as the beers.

4. TOFOP with Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen ep 113 'Everyone RelaXmas'

Wil and Charlie go through a list of the most bizarre Christmas traditions from all over the World. They work there way from the Icelandic Yule Cat that eats people with shabby clothes to the Catalonian pooping Nativity scene guy.

3. Something for the Drive Home with Nick Cody and Bart Freebairn ep 200 'The Final Podtown, Luv you, miss you, byebyebye'
Nick and Bart bring this absurd and vulgar Podcast to its inevitable end with a live 200th show. They let rip on Yoga and Gluten intolerance, talk of glorious rainbow Ninjas and Thickshakes. This has been one of my favourite poddogs of ALL TIME!!

2. Walking the Room ep 206 'The Final Episode of Walking the Room' with Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt.

In this very special MICF appearance (Live Cuddle), Greg and Dave are joined by Jen Kirkman and Wyatt Cenac. I was lucky enough to be in the room for this live recording, not only was it emotional it was also beyond hilarious! I have never seen a room erupt as massively as it did when Wyatt finally says something. The chemistry and brutality that Dave and Greg have with each other is something to behold. Clown from the Neck Down and Cuddlah for Life #C4L

1. TOFOP- Superpod 2: This Time It's Recorded' Live from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Wil and Charlie are joined by Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt for this live roller-coaster of stupidity. I am an unashamed 'Tea Bagger' and being in the crowd for this was one of the greatest nights I have ever had, even if I did have Steele Saunders laughing directly into my ear from behind ;)


 10. The Dollop: Lobster Boy Grady Stiles.
Of all the insane stories The Dollop has brought us, this Smollop, focusing on a deformed, violent alcoholic and his many adventures, stuck with me for reasons I cannot explain. 
NB: this is from Dec 31, 2014, but I reckon it gets in under the line if we work on Australian time, i guess? 

9. Wilosophy with Greg Behrendt
We had tickets to see Greg's MICF show the night he had to fly home to the US due to a mystery illness. Turns out he had stomach cancer. In this chat with Wil Anderson he talks about his diagnosis and recovery. We're thrilled he's doing well.

8. The Little Dum Dum Club LIVE at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Nick Cody, Dave Thornton, Dave O'Neill and Dave Hughes.
I attended this live show on the day of the worst hangover of my life and it made me laugh so hard I nearly vomited. Dum Dum Club owned the Comedy Festival, simple as that.

7. Women of the Hour Episode 2: Body.
Women of the Hour had a short run towards the end of 2015 and delved into women's issues the way only "A Voice of A Generation" Lena Dunham can. This frank edition of the podcast focusing on the relationships different women have with their bodies was an insightful reminder to love ourselves as we are.

6. The Worst Idea of All Time S2 E29: Altitude
I love this podcast. Mad geniuses Tim and Guy recorded this episode on the plane heading to the LA Podfest this year, midway into their insane quest to watch Sex and the City 2 fifty-two times. I worry for their sanity but God do they make me laugh. 

5. I Love Green Guide Letters LIVE at LA Podfest : Gareth Reynolds, Karl Woodberry and Nick Cody.
I don't know what I love more about this: Karl's stories about his trainwreck of a life in LA, or hearing Steele completely lose control of the show and descend into a fit of giggles. Magic.

4. That's Aweson episode 36: Eileen Clausen
Host Charlie Clausen interviews his mother for the second time on the show. A much-loved member of the TOFOP universe, Eileen passed away from Breast Cancer late this year. Here she talks about her amazing life, chemotherapy and acceptance. 

3. FOFOP FONUS with Tom Ballard: Roasting Jimmy Carr
Wil helps Tom prepare for an 8-Mile style comedy battle against giant Jimmy Carr. A really interesting peek behind the curtain. If you're the kind of person who thinks of comebacks way later than you need them, this'll make you very jealous.

2. The Little Dum Dum Club: Fiona O'Loughlin and Lawrence Mooney (1 of 3).
Sometimes the only way to tackle a hard subject is to laugh about it. This suicide-heavy conversation gets real dark (suicide by shower curtain railing, anyone?), and was one of their most downloaded episodes of the year. You absolutely have to listen to it if you haven't already, but perhaps check out a couple of other Dum Dum episodes first to ease yourself into their universe. This episode cemented Karl and Tommy as the unlikely kings of Australian podcasting, and though the show has definitely become meaner in 2015 they show no sign of slowing down.

1. TOFOP Live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Superpod #2 
It's no secret that we are giant TOFOP fans, which is why each Easter Saturday we venture to the Melbourne Town Hall to take part in their live episode. This surprise Walking the Room crossover episode was a wonderful and chaotic joy-fest and the cause of the giant hangover I mentioned earlier. The recording is just as great and features another classic Charlie Clausen stand-up routine and the unexpectedly brilliant comic timing of Mr John Deeks.


10. The Worst Idea of All Time Episode 41: Five Hour Energy

Tim and Guy are sweet, but Michael and Patrick King - co-directors of the masterful Sex and the City 2- are the best. 

9. You Must Remember This: Charles Manson's Hollywood Episode 3

This whole series is incredible but this episode in particular was fascinating. Manson's control over Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson is more telling of his unique brand of evil than any doco or article I've ever seen. I've never really understood the cultural obsession with Manson, but this episode got me a little closer. 

8. The Little Dum Dum Club Episode 271 w/ Tom Ballard and Rhys Nicholson

This podcast kept me company while I travelled through Europe solo so there's no way I can pick one definitive episode, but this one made me laugh so much I had to get off a tram and walk Sums up the entire show.

7. TOFOP Superpod #2 This Time It's Recorded. 

No explanation necessary. One of the greatest nights of my life.

6. FOFOP Episode 210 Part 1&2 w/ Sam Simmons

The reigning kings of Aus comedy proving that success hasn't gone to their heads, but that their heads are just a little bit strange.

5. WTF Episode 653 w/ Lorne Michaels

Obama? Pfffft. Lorne Michaels is god damn royalty. 

4. WTF  Episode 622 w/ Wyatt Cenac

Everyone has a boss that broke their heart. Not everyone goes on a podcast to air their grievances. This took balls. I like balls.

3. WTF Episode 643 w/ Michaela Watkins

My favourite WTF of all time is the episode where Jenny Slate talks about getting fired from SNL. It's as funny as it is heartbreaking. So is this episode. Maron should start a side podcast where he just talks to fired SNL cast members. It's fascinating stuff.

2. Women of the Hour Episode 3: Love & Sex

Say what you want about Lena Dunham but she is a wonderfully talented writer who deserves to be successful. Her letter at the end of this podcast broke my heart. 

1. I Love Green Guide Letters Episode 180 w/ Dave Thornton, Anne Edmonds and Ash Williams

The funniest podcast episode of the year. Dave Thornton's utter bewilderment of Ash Williams' decision to hire a rental car and just not take it back is all of us. I could re-listen to this forever and still laugh.


Happy New Year from team AD! Have we missed your favourite? Let us know in the comments! 





Podcast of the Week


Hi, pals!

We do apologise for the break in transmission over the past few weeks- but we’re back now, and that’s the main thing.

This week we’d like to draw your attention to one of our favourite new podcasts, something a little different. Jesse Case is a fantastic stand-up comic who has extensively toured the United States and gained a solid fanbase as the segue master on Probably Science, a show we love and have posted about previously.

Earlier in the year, Jesse was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer and informed he has a 30% chance of survival. He’s created a weekly podcast, Jesse vs Cancer, as a way to document his journey and occupy some of his newly found free time.

The show is an educational (and funny, and occasionally vulgar) insight into the journey of someone with a serious illness. Some of the episodes are recorded mid-chemotherapy session which can make for an atypical listen to your usual garage podcast.
It isn't just about his battle with cancer, though. Jesse answers listener questions and muses on music, along with whatever else he feels like sharing. Some of our favourite moments are the absurd and brutally funny 'Dodge' commercials, definitely not endorsed by Dodge. His penchant for the weird and wonderful gets a look-in here, making it a hilarious and sometimes intense documentation of his situation.

We highly recommend you give Jesse vs Cancer a listen. If you feel so inclined, Jesse's set up a donation link at jessevscancer.comwith a portion of proceeds going to the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center to fund access to treatment for patients who can't afford it.

Please go and check out this fantastic Podcast and stay tuned for the new blog updates in the near future.


Cam & the AD team.

AD Advice: So You Want to Start a Podcast

Do you fancy yourself as a pretty funny person, the smart person in your group, or someone with a unique take on life?

What better way to share your insight than cheaply and easily? You might be ready for a podcast.

There are a few vital pieces of equipment that you will need when you dive into the world of creating exceptional content for your podcast.

This is the first in a series where we give you some tips, tricks and advice on how to choose equipment, how to use that equipment and a few options that we would recommend.

This week we'll have a look at choosing the correct microphone for YOU. There are so many to choose from over a massive range of prices and it can become overwhelming. The correct microphone and understanding how to use it is a vital step in creating a professional sounding podcast.

The first thing you must consider is how you will be using the mic. Is your show a solo project, or do you have a co-host or guests? How many guests do you usually have at one time? Where do you record your podcast? All of these questions will help you to choose the correct mic, then properly utilise the features of your purchase.

Grab your pens and paper and take some notes, it's time for a quick lesson in Microphones. Microphones pick up the difference in air pressure, or sound waves, and convert them into an electrical current that can then be recorded, amplified or transmitted. There is a range of ways different microphones achieve this but for the sake of simplicity we will focus on the two that are most suited to our favourite medium of podcasting. The Dynamic microphone and the Condenser microphone.

A Dynamic mic has a thin diaphragm, or membrane, that is attached to a coil of copper wire that is hangin' out in a magnetic field. When the sound waves hit it, it moves around and generates an electrical current that we can then plug into something to record or amplify it. They are generally pretty tough and can handle high SPL (that's Sound Pressure Level, so high SPL is really 'loud' stuff). The Dynamic is the mic you see most vocalists using live on-stage and is relatively inexpensive. Due to having a rugged construction they can have an uneven frequency response, aren't so great at picking up the higher frequencies and can colour the sound, but that can be used to our advantage as we will find out later.

The Condenser mic is quite fragile and works on a slightly different principle, capacitance. They do require power (known as Phantom power) so they must be plugged into a mixing desk, pre-amp or interface that can provide that. A super thin diaphragm is near a backplate and a fixed charge of electricity is placed across the two, when the diaphragm is hit by the sound waves it moves closer or further away from the backplate creating an increase or decrease in capacitance and that my friends is the electrical current we need to plug into our gear. Because of the super thin diaphragm, it's like a few microns thin, Condensers generally have a larger and flatter range of frequency response (more accurately reproducing the change in air pressure) along with picking up much quieter sounds compared to our mate the dynamic mic.
They usually have a pattern selector that will change the direction and sensitivity of the sound they pick up. They can tend to distort with higher SPL's but that isn't really a factor for us podcasters.

So enough of the overly techy talk (it may come in handy at a Trivia night some day though), and onto choosing what best suits YOU. We will have a look at environment, number of people on your show, style of show and budget.


Where do you record your podcast?
It is vital to record in an environment that is free from as much background noise and hard reflective surfaces as possible, unless that is a feature of your show i.e.'Truck stop interviews with Billy Bob' featuring the background noise of a Diner. Many successful podcasters have literally recorded in the closet to find a suitable environment, so whatever works for you is fine.
An easy way of checking for an overly reflective room is by placing yourself in your recording position and clapping your hands, once and with force. If there are too many hard surfaces or furnishings you will hear a high frequency ping or buzz bouncing around the room, it's pretty noticeable, that is the sound waves reflecting, bouncing around and interfering with each other. We do not want an uncontrolled party with these guys, it will get out of hand really quickly and cause all sorts of headaches.
You can take some steps to alleviate the reflections, such as rugs or using a thick blanket as a table cloth if you record at a table.

How can microphone choice help us with that, I hear you ask? Frequency response and directionality is the answer.
The Dynamic mic does not pick up as many of those high frequencies as the Condenser and is not as sensitive. The Dynamic generally picks up little of anything that is not directly in front of it too, known as a cardioid pattern, it's UNIDIRECTIONAL. If you must record in a slightly noisier or non ideal environment then the Dynamic is the way to go, there's a reason they are used extensively in live music.
You do lose the ability to use a single mic for more than 1 person and the ability to accentuate the dynamics and nuances of speech is reduced which could be very important if you have a podcast that relies on that, like a story telling podcast with whispers and louder voices maybe?

What if you have a quiet room with few reflections? By all means consider using the Condenser, in fact I would recommend that. The extended frequency response and sensitivity of the Condenser can really make a voice shine. Some Condensers have the option to switch pick up patterns (polar pattern) which can allow you to use one microphone (set to OMNI) for a number of people. This is not ideal (as a general rule one mic per person should be adhered to, it provides more control during post and editing) but if the environment and levels are consistent it can be useful.

The Condenser will pick up a lot of noise from handling, bumps or knocks. The Dynamic will also pick up handling noise but not to the extent of the Condenser. That should also be considered when purchasing your new mic.

Remember that the Condenser is very fragile and if dropped or knocked over would end up going to the great mic cupboard in the sky. So if there is the possibility of that happening maybe stick to a Dynamic so your hard earned $wag money isn't wasted.

The Dynamic mic has a nice little feature we can take advantage of, proximity effect. This increases the response to lower frequencies when used close to the sound source, so it can give a little more richness and depth to a voice.

Now onto pricing and recommendations. Condensers are generally more expensive and out perform Dynamics in most studio situations, but environmental situations and the need of phantom power have to be taken into consideration when determining what suits YOU the best. If you are just setting up your new podcast then the Dynamic mic is a great option; cheap, rugged and will do the job more than adequately in most environments.

Our list of recommendations and general prices...

Dynamic Microphones

Shure SM58
This mic is the industry standard for live performance and is legendary for how tough it is. It sounds fantastic, has a mesh grill to aid in minimising breath noise and a unidirectional pick-up pattern to get as much of the main sound source while minimising background noise. This mic can be used on everything from voices to most instruments, it's super versatile.
The other factor that makes this such a highly recommended purchase is price. They are generally around the $150 mark (that's in Australian $'s) brand new but it is usually pretty easy to find a second-hand one and you can be comfortable in the fact that even if they have been dropped off the top of a building they will still work. Check out the crazy tests Shure put them through on their Youtube page.

Shure SM57
This is the exact same microphone, and price, as the SM58 but with a smaller and flatter grill, this was to allow closer mic placement for instruments but also allows us to greater utilise the proximity effect to our advantage on voices.

Golden Age Project D2
This mic seems to make voices sound just that little bit fuller and add a richness. Again it has great rejection of noise from unwanted background sources and features a slight mid range boost for a distinctive sound. It also looks pretty cool and comes in at around $240.

Sennheiser MD421 II
Moving up in price this microphone is another one that comes highly recommended. It has little in the way of features apart from the low frequency roll-off switch but in terms of performance is almost unsurpassed. There is a reason this is one of the most popular microphones in the World and is a staple in every studio. It is also very versatile and comes in at around $430.

Shure SM7B
This is moving up into the top price bracket of Dynamic microphones but the performance is exceptional. It is the microphone that you see podcasting royalty Mark Maron using. It has a lower frequency roll-off to help eliminate noise such as bumps, rumbles and unwanted lower frequencies when used on voices. It also has a built in pop filter to subdue some of the sibilance and plosives that are unavoidable while recording speech. It has a smooth, relatively flat and wide range frequency response with a slight boost in the mid range that enhances the presence of the voice.
Ranging from $650 to $690, and very rarely found second-hand, this is the peak of dynamic microphones for podcast recording.


Condenser Microphones

Audio Technica AT4050
A multi pattern Condenser that performs this well and at a price point of around $690 is going to be your new best friend. It has 3 switchable pick up patterns (Cardioid, Omni and Figure 8) so you can use it solo, fig. 8 for 2 people opposite each other or Omni for a full range pattern. It also has a low end roll-off and a -10dB pad. It is a great mid level Condenser mic for podcasting, is very versatile and comes highly recommended. I have used this on everything from podcasts to guitars.

Rode NT2000
Another mic that should be a must have for most Audio Engineers and for the hardcore podcaster or voice over actor. This is another multi pattern Condenser that has a great reputation for a reason. The frequency response is exceptional and it again has the cardioid, omni or figure 8 pick-up patterns. Australian designed and manufactured and usually in the $800- $900 price range.

Now you can also get Condensers with a single pick up pattern, like the Dynamic but with all the benefits of extended frequency response and range. Here are two of our favourites.

Rode NT1
This is one of the standard single pick up pattern Condensers for voice over/podcast work. It has a detailed mid range boost along with smooth high end and a rounded low end response. For a microphone that costs a little under $300 you can't go wrong. Remember that this has a unidirectional pattern so you can't record a group of guests around it.

Audio Technica AT2020
The punch you get for this price is outstanding at around $140. It is pretty rugged for a Condenser and again rejects sound from the rear quite well and has an adequate frequency range and response. A solid entry level Condenser.

Hopefully that helped you in your choice of microphone for your project and provided you with a bit of extra information about the massive world of microphones. All the headings are linked to the product pages for you to check out and please leave a comment with any questions or thoughts, we are always happy to help out.

Until next time, Happy Podcasting!




AD Podcasts of the Week: Comedy Part II

We’ve got some more funny stuff for you this week, folks- check out the podcasts below and let us know what you think! As always we love to hear what you’re listening to so tell us in the comments.

Before we get started, a quick plug: Tommy and Karl of The Little Dum Dum Club podcast, which we featured recently, have kicked off a donation page for Beyond Blue during the month of June. For the backstory, check out their recent string of episodes starring Fiona O’Loughlin and Lawrence Mooney and dig deep for a great cause!!!

Download these now for your Friday afternoon commute..

The Crabfeast
Join comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson each "Toozdee" for this hilarious story-based podcast. These guys are close friends, and their chemistry and interplay get the best out of their weekly guests who share fascinating and often outrageously funny tales.
Some of our recent favourite episodes are: Ep. 148 with Brooks Wheelan. Brooks shares his experiences of his brief stint as a writer and cast member of SNL.
Ep. 154 with Beth Stelling. Beth talks about her 'interesting' Father and his exploits as a street perfomer and Raccoon herder in Florida.
Ep. 155 with Dave Anthony. The stand up comedian and writer for 'Maron' talks about his upbringing which inspired his first one-man show 'Hot head', recently performed for the full season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
#FTCF *****


If you’ve got even a passing interest in comedy podcasts, you’ve probably heard of TOFOP. There’s a good reason for that: it’s awesome.
Join comedian/Batman enthusiast Wil Anderson and actor/filmmaker/owner of the world’s tiniest hands Charlie Clausen in a world where no story gets finished and no hypothetical question is too weird. With Wil based in LA for the moment and Charlie enjoying life in Summer Bay the show has been aided by a variety of guests, all of whom are great (every episode with Matt Kirshen is delightful, and every episode with Daniel Sloss is disturbing and laugh-out-loud funny).
Pro Tip: Go back to the beginning and work your way through. The sound is terrible, but it’s TOTALLY worth it.

The Worst Idea of All Time
Join your hosts, Kiwi comedians Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt, for a journey unlike any other. In season 1 the guys sat down once a week for a YEAR to watch the spectacularly awful Grown Ups 2 and then talk about it on their show. This year they appear not to have learned their lesson, and return with a new film: Sex and the City 2.
This sounds ridiculous, and it absolutely is, but the guys’ descent into madness as they rehash this truly terrible film week after week is something to behold. If you were a fan of the SATC TV series, hearing the film be torn to shreds each week is a nice bonus.

AD Podcasts of the Week: Science

Our favourite Science Podcasts of the moment...

A great way to learn a little more about the World around you is to listen to these informative, and FUN Science Podcasts. Whether you are soaking up the information on your daily commute or relaxing in an hammock sipping on a cocktail these following Podcasts contain mountains of engaging content and more than a few moments that will make you giggle.

Probably Science
Once a week professional comedians/incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Your hosts are Matt Kirshen, Andy Wood and Jesse Case (the earlier episodes also feature the hilarious Brooks Wheelan). The always great guests may have little, if any background in the field, but that doesn't stop them from weighing in on the latest happenings and goings on in all things science.
One of our favourite episodes: Episode 134 with Astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station Colonel Chris Hadfield. Col. Hadfield talks about his time in the ISS, answers a few questions about space and his books 'An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth' and 'You Are Here'.

Sleek Geeks
Sleek Geeks sees beloved Aussie brainiacs Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer mix science with humour as they set out to answer some of the perplexing scientific mysteries we encounter on a daily basis. This highly entertaining science-fuelled knowledge whirlwind will have you "learning something without even noticing"...
One of our favourite episodes: "Breastcancer Breakthrough" Dr. Karl and Adam are joined by Prof Susan Clarke, who walks them through her breakthrough research looking at the methylome of breast cancer. Her work in finding distinct patterns associated with different types of breast cancer and working out how to distinguish between aggressive and benign forms will have far reaching implications for treatment.

The Naked Scientists
Based at Cambridge University's Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), the Naked Scientists are a team of scientists, doctors and communicators whose passion is to help the general public to understand and engage with the worlds of science, technology and medicine.
Latest Episode: 26th May "How many Geckos to hold up a human?" Why moles have super sensitive faces; how snakes can swallow prey bigger than their heads and how 'gecko glue' can hold up 2 humans!! This week, amazing animals...

The team at Auditory Discourse hope you check out and enjoy these fun and informative Science Podcasts- as always, you can get straight through to their pages by clicking on the Podcast title.
Happy Podcasting!

AD Podcasts of the Week: Interview

Our favourite Interview podcasts of the moment...

Podcasting is the perfect interview format- no ad breaks, no cameras, and you can edit content afterwards and publish when you're ready. There are SO MANY wonderful interview podcasts out there, and we'll aim to touch on many more, but here are just a few to start you off. 

WTF with Marc Maron
Each week, comedian Marc Maron interviews people of note- celebrities, musicians and fellow comics- in his LA garage. Maron has a knack for getting even the more guarded of his guests to open up, making for candid and insightful conversations. 
Best episode so far: The most recent 50 episodes are free with a subscription option for a small cost. If you act quickly you can still download one of the show’s best- A two-part episode with Louis CK. This week's episode stars wonderful genius David Byrne, too, so get on that.

The Nerdist
The Nerdist has become a media empire, with its creator Chris Hardwick, who I doubt ever sleeps, devising and supporting a myriad of other shows. The original Nerdist podcast, hosted by Hardwick, is always a lot of fun. Their guests range from giant superstars (Paul McCartney, anyone?) to up-and-comers.
Best episode so far: Mitch Hurwitz (12th June 2014). Fans of cult tv show Arrested Development (which had better be all of you) will love this chat with the series’ creator.

Wilosophy with Wil Anderson
In Wil Anderson’s second podcast (the first, TOFOP, is our very favourite-more on that in another post), he sits down with a guest to delve into what drives them- their philosophy, if you will. You’ll recognise a lot of the names, but this is more like a candid chat between friends and always an interesting listen. 
Best Episode So Far: Wil chats with paralympian and all-round excellent guy Kurt Fearnley about his many triumphs. Guaranteed motivation to get up and do something with your life.



Hey Hi and welcome to Auditory Discourse, specialists in audio book creation and podcast editing. Thanks for taking the time to see what we’re all about!

Consumers are always seeking new, more convenient ways to experience content. The mass move to digital has provided countless opportunities to capture attention- at home, at work, on the train, on the bus. Businesses and performers need to keep up by evolving the way they deliver to their audience, and the audiobook and podcast medium is emerging ahead of the curve.

As an Audio Engineer and podcast lover, I saw a real need for content creators to be able to cheaply and reliably edit their content to provide a higher quality listening experience. The beauty of podcasting is that it allows anyone to have their own show, however they may lack the skills to remove annoyances such as echoes, unbalanced levels and distracting background noise. This is where Auditory Discourse comes in. We want podcasters and creative types to do what they do best while we take care of the technical stuff. 

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Cam Silk
Director, Auditory Discourse