Podcast of the Week


Hi, pals!

We do apologise for the break in transmission over the past few weeks- but we’re back now, and that’s the main thing.

This week we’d like to draw your attention to one of our favourite new podcasts, something a little different. Jesse Case is a fantastic stand-up comic who has extensively toured the United States and gained a solid fanbase as the segue master on Probably Science, a show we love and have posted about previously.

Earlier in the year, Jesse was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer and informed he has a 30% chance of survival. He’s created a weekly podcast, Jesse vs Cancer, as a way to document his journey and occupy some of his newly found free time.

The show is an educational (and funny, and occasionally vulgar) insight into the journey of someone with a serious illness. Some of the episodes are recorded mid-chemotherapy session which can make for an atypical listen to your usual garage podcast.
It isn't just about his battle with cancer, though. Jesse answers listener questions and muses on music, along with whatever else he feels like sharing. Some of our favourite moments are the absurd and brutally funny 'Dodge' commercials, definitely not endorsed by Dodge. His penchant for the weird and wonderful gets a look-in here, making it a hilarious and sometimes intense documentation of his situation.

We highly recommend you give Jesse vs Cancer a listen. If you feel so inclined, Jesse's set up a donation link at jessevscancer.comwith a portion of proceeds going to the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center to fund access to treatment for patients who can't afford it.

Please go and check out this fantastic Podcast and stay tuned for the new blog updates in the near future.


Cam & the AD team.