AD Podcasts of the Week: Comedy Part II

We’ve got some more funny stuff for you this week, folks- check out the podcasts below and let us know what you think! As always we love to hear what you’re listening to so tell us in the comments.

Before we get started, a quick plug: Tommy and Karl of The Little Dum Dum Club podcast, which we featured recently, have kicked off a donation page for Beyond Blue during the month of June. For the backstory, check out their recent string of episodes starring Fiona O’Loughlin and Lawrence Mooney and dig deep for a great cause!!!

Download these now for your Friday afternoon commute..

The Crabfeast
Join comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson each "Toozdee" for this hilarious story-based podcast. These guys are close friends, and their chemistry and interplay get the best out of their weekly guests who share fascinating and often outrageously funny tales.
Some of our recent favourite episodes are: Ep. 148 with Brooks Wheelan. Brooks shares his experiences of his brief stint as a writer and cast member of SNL.
Ep. 154 with Beth Stelling. Beth talks about her 'interesting' Father and his exploits as a street perfomer and Raccoon herder in Florida.
Ep. 155 with Dave Anthony. The stand up comedian and writer for 'Maron' talks about his upbringing which inspired his first one-man show 'Hot head', recently performed for the full season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
#FTCF *****


If you’ve got even a passing interest in comedy podcasts, you’ve probably heard of TOFOP. There’s a good reason for that: it’s awesome.
Join comedian/Batman enthusiast Wil Anderson and actor/filmmaker/owner of the world’s tiniest hands Charlie Clausen in a world where no story gets finished and no hypothetical question is too weird. With Wil based in LA for the moment and Charlie enjoying life in Summer Bay the show has been aided by a variety of guests, all of whom are great (every episode with Matt Kirshen is delightful, and every episode with Daniel Sloss is disturbing and laugh-out-loud funny).
Pro Tip: Go back to the beginning and work your way through. The sound is terrible, but it’s TOTALLY worth it.

The Worst Idea of All Time
Join your hosts, Kiwi comedians Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt, for a journey unlike any other. In season 1 the guys sat down once a week for a YEAR to watch the spectacularly awful Grown Ups 2 and then talk about it on their show. This year they appear not to have learned their lesson, and return with a new film: Sex and the City 2.
This sounds ridiculous, and it absolutely is, but the guys’ descent into madness as they rehash this truly terrible film week after week is something to behold. If you were a fan of the SATC TV series, hearing the film be torn to shreds each week is a nice bonus.