Podcast Package Subscriptions

1-Month Subscription 
4 Episodes professionally mixed, mastered, hosted and uploaded.
Your podcast will receive its own page on AuditoryDiscourse.com and featured advertising.
For those who are dipping their toe into the podcast world.
From $281/month.

12-Month Subscription
Episode mixing, mastering, hosting and upload for up to 48 episodes. Your podcast will receive its own page on AuditoryDiscourse.com along with featured advertising, cross promotion and VIP support.
For seasoned podcasters or those looking to take theirs to the next level.
From $3100 for the whole year.

We provide ongoing production, development and growth advice, opportunities for sponsorship and monetisation of your podcast, and keep you up to date with notable happenings, current trends and useful information in the Wonderful World of Podcasting.

We are also happy to tailor a package to suit your specific podcast schedule.

Through a quick email exchange we will determine your podcast's specifications, parameters and goals. From there you just provide your audio file, sit back and watch your audience grow.
If you have a specialised podcast project, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss a tailored package to fit your needs.


Audio Book Packages

Packages start from $1400- Get in touch to find out how we can tailor a package to your specifications.